There, After began as a series of concentrated discussions and research sessions with particle physicist Elisabetta Pallante and organic chemist Ryan Cheichi. The starting point for this work was ‘ Lines of Belonging’. What is it that keeps us, and our physical world together? How do we understand these connections, scientifically, personally?

From the fundamental forces that act on the physical world, to the strength of bonds between human beings, it is these invisible forces or bonds that hold us – as people, as families, as atoms and molecules – together, that this work seeks to explore.
To understand and expose the strength of these bonds, ‘There, After’ shows them in their absence: The breaking of a bond and the moments that follow.

It is perhaps only in the absence of connection that we can truly grasp it’s significance. Perhaps the state of togetherness is something we can take for granted; this work explores and makes physical the consequence of that state being taken away.

Co-produced with Mo Stoebe
Sound – Sophie Clements and Dennis van Tilburg
Pyrotechnic assistance – Aoife Van Linden Tol
Additional Help – Paolo Catalano, Riccardo Puglisi

Commissioned by Pavlov E Labs, The Netherlands
Special thanks to Nathalie Beekman